My "Severnoe Sianie" Northern light study that hangs in the world famous astronomy center  Kometland pretty much speaks for itself. Here is a photo but my originals are ten times better in person due to crappy lights in Norway, and that I never had professionals to do photos for me. Still a taste of my works. I try to not PUSH my art. Rather my goal is to be up on a wall with someone who love my art, and appreciate my talent and the work put into creating a piece of art. I am up on the walls of the poor and homeless to the rich and famous. My only dream is to one day paint that painting Nobody can forget.

As most of my paintings hangs in private collections, institutions, museums across the world, I regretfully have to inform you that I only on a rare occasion will upload works of art in this page. At the same time I strongly advice people who own one of my originals from my time painting from 1996 to present for insurance reasons and reference. Thanks in advance Olav Hovdhaugen