About my art I will say that I am still a novice and amateur with no real formal education. I consider my art a hobby that is also a big part of my life. I am happy that I never did art school as I believe my expression will naturally develop.

My biography is short. I am a Norwegian citizen semi-retired living a quiet life in a small village on the west coast of Norway. I have been painting for about 25 years. Sometimes also draw. Lost track of the number of artworks I have created. Never bothered much to document them. My goal has and will always be to find a wall for finished works and let them live their own life. I work in my small studio apartment that is more a studio than apartment, currently what I can afford but plan to move on soon. Where my journey goes from now 2022 I am not certain of. I am having a big timeout and devote myself to 7 large works. My aim is to fulfill a challenge from someone who asked me to paint something amazing. I will do my best. Time will show - Olav