The West Coast Norway based artist Olav Hovdhaugen born 1978 now works full time on the project dubbed "7Ven" that will reveal the world draped in night and winter themes.

I aim to capture my well known "Fantascapes" in night theme winter landscapes that aim to balance night sky that plays with the landscape.

One big goal is to try to create some Northern Light elements vaguely in harmony with a cartoon style night sky.

I have been painting now for about 25 years and I am still warming up and trying to create that ONE masterpiece you can remember me by.

Contact me if you have any questions about my art. I ship globally and am not too expensive or difficult to buy from.

Thank you for visiting my online business card. Reach out on email if you feel like exchanging some words. I can not promise to reply to everybody, but I will try.

Olav Hovdhaugen

Notable Relatives  are:

Einar Hovdhaugen (Norway)

Even Hovdhaugen (Norway)

Stein Lillevolden (Denmark?)

Terje Rypdal (Norway)


"Endelaus Skog" 600mm x 800mm Acrylic 2020 by Olav Hovdhaugen

"Endless Forest" English title. Photo edited version. Original hangs in USA with my dear friends in Santa Barbara, California

Since I pretty much retired from the work scene in December 2011 and was granted funds from the state, my two hobbies: Technology and Art is my main to things to keep me busy. This entire publication is dedicated to you who have purchased, been gifted, have received an artwork as a donation or have stolen an artwork from me. As a extra service to you. I typically have signed my art over the years in various way's. Be it only my initials O.H, my name spelled backwards "Valo" or full name or only with my secret sign. With today's tools, you can be 100% certain IF it is one of my many many originals today's science has so many different ways to confirm authenticity that this I leave up to the professionals.

A nice thing about art, is that it usually just increases in value. Maybe even more after an artists death. So hold on tight to your art people! Personally I have lost track of who, how and where to all my art is now. But I can promise you one thing: In my home studio nothings is by far finished yet at any point! I hope you are happy with your art from me. I do my best, and if that is not good enough? Then I am so sorry. Must have been one of those slip ups that can happen once in a while! Thank you for visiting my only website in the world! Olav Hovdhaugen, Norway Jan 10, 2022